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Monadic I/O in Haskell 1.3

Andrew D. Gordon and Kevin Hammond

June 5, 1995


We describe the design and use of monadic I/O in Haskell 1.3, the latest revision of the lazy functional programming language Haskell. Haskell 1.3 standardises the monadic I/O mechanisms now available in many Haskell systems. The new facilities allow fairly sophisticated text-based application programs to be written portably in Haskell. The standard provides implementors with a flexible framework for extending Haskell to incorporate new language features. Apart from the use of monads, the main advances over the previous standard are: character I/O based on handles (analogous to ANSI C file pointers), an error handling mechanism, terminal interrupt handling and a POSIX interface. Apart from a tutorial description of the new facilities we include a worked example: a derived monad for combinator parsing.

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Thu Jan 4 19:04:50 GMT 1996